Parameters to Decide before Buying Phone Handsets


People are going crazy about every new release of mobile phone handsets in the UK markets. New mobile phone models are releasing on network operators at least every fortnight. Technology navvy phone handset users keep updating their knowledge on phone handsets that are about to release and people who are waiting for it work on different parameters to judge the newly evolved handsets online.

Before making a purchase of phone hand, which is released in the phone handset markets it’s advised by buyers to evaluate phones on these laid parameters. The parameters can be judged on the extra features and accessories that manufacturers are providing in a series of phone handsets and in addition to it, the applications, which are allowed by the operating systems to execute on phone handsets.

In the mobile markets, phones are released based on different categories such music, business and entertainment, etc. Many people who are using phones are unaware of the fact that idle phones create great level of pollution in our environment, in order to reduce these pollution levels, phone recycling is the best solution.

There are two benefits if a phone handset is sent for recycling. Phone seller can make good sum of money on recycling phones and as the phones land up in recycling companies, sellers will be saving environment from pollution directly. There’s an additional responsibility on behalf of phone recyclers, they’re expected to maintain set standards from European Union. After knowing about it, I decided to sell my mobile phone to a good responsible mobile phone recycler and on selling mobile at a phone recycler I can contribute my part of service in saving planet from pollution.

bad credit payday loans


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Buying a Yogurt Business

Most people interested in purchasing a yogurt business can anticipate many of the things they need to know about the shops under consideration. The right choice among these offerings should be a business that has a busy location, is well maintained and shows a profit on a consistent basis. But there are additional guidelines the prospective buyer needs to understand, in order to determine not only whether an establishment is really worth owning, but also how much it is worth.

Here are a few guidelines to help prepare prospective buyers in this industry during the search and the purchase.

Rental Cost

The problem with some great locations is that paying the monthly rental leaves the owner with little to show for his or her work and investment. And it can be difficult to figure out what the rent should be because there are a number of factors involved in setting appropriate rates. A large and active shop might come with thousands per month in rental expenses. Alternatively, the owner of a yogurt business operating out of a kiosk may struggle to cover the few hundred due to the landlord each month.

By analyzing the books of a number of franchised and independent yogurt shops, many analysts, bankers and due diligence professionals conclude that an owner paying out over 20% of gross sales in rent, is providing great benefit for the land owner, but not taking care of him or herself adequately. In fact, total occupancy costs, including insurance and utilities, should not creep much over 20% if the proprietor wants the business to be successful.

Product Cost

Like rent amounts, there can be a wide variation in the cost yogurt company of goods among yogurt retailers. And determining what is an appropriate amount to pay the supplier for the frozen dessert that will go into cones, cups and cartons, depends on the type of business.

Lower product costs, in the range of 20% to 25% of gross sales, are usually associated with yogurt companies that offer a wide variety of flavors scooped by hand for customers who tend to be a bit discriminating and who pay top prices for their treats. Another yogurt business model relies largely on machines that extrude the product. It is likely to be doing a large volume with lower prices and smaller margins compared to the other model. It’s not unusual for the owner of a company in this category to incur product costs at or above 30% of gross sales.



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